Korg MS2000
Korg MS2000
Pakupaku (lcl) 03/05/2003

Korg MS2000 : Pakupaku (lcl)'s user review


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3.5 octave keyboard, plutt average quality, but we do not ask him to have a touch of piano)
Full of controllers, and it's nice: 2 VCO, filter, 4 matrix modulation, distortion, ... and of course the two old wheels that do more Submitted.
7 banks of 16 sounds (fates calculation) in styles that Varis plutt "retro" overall quality trs but honorable. And given the possibilities of the machine, it is att to the string or bass we need.

Basic effects, can be a bit too, but the machine is really thought in the mind of the old monophonic synths (IE MS20 not to quote!) But adding the possibility of publishing and some flexibility work.


In fact I never opened the manual, so I can not criticize dcemment
The edition is a breeze, moult controls are accessible directly by the little buttons all round, and the flexibility of working gal that has the quality of treatment.

Do not expect the keyboard is a basic, but it's good basic trs.

I think it's a machine for idalie nophytes souhaitaqnt address the synthse. It includes all the basics and we quickly found there (condition of being a little needle by an insider or follow the manual while the letter of the same).

Come on, just a minor complaint of the same, the buttons do not inspire great confidence. That said last year that I torture, they hold up.


I was looking for a monaural that is flexible and fast paramtrable in real time, which kind of good bass, tablecloths or effects, and above anything wrong, that's exactly what I find the fallait.On and the grain of old keyboards, organs, synths of the 60/70, the basslines all convincing.
The voccoder is just the icing on the cake, easy to use, and opportunities INTERESTED (choice of carrier and deuxime between the source between external and internal stamp ... )
it is a basic vocoder, however, do not expect a rvolution of the ct but having so many controllers on the machine makes a voccoder "" "Analog" "" tr s fun.


One year I bought APRS have always amuses me much, since even if I went around fairly.
Currently, for about the price, there are however microQ of Waldorf, who plays more in the big leagues. But I remain convinced that through its ct fun and well thought out ergonomics, the MS2000 is an excellent machine for anyone wishing to learn the synthse.

If you are looking for a machine that sounds kind of torture with unusual stamps, drop on the other hand, and direct you to the microQ plutt Nord Modular or both of which are more or less the same range in price.