Korg MS2000
Korg MS2000
MGR/Alan 12/01/2003

Korg MS2000 : MGR/Alan's user review

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I bought this synthesizer on ebay and payed about $450. After playing one at a local music store I had to pick one up.

The Korg MS 2000 offers the wonderful classic analog sounds of the past while mixing with the updated digital technology of today. The MS 2000 offers everything one needs in a synthesizer. From a 16 band vocoder to a MOD Sequencer to an arpeggiator, along with the ability to plug any sounds source into the module to tweak and manipulate any sound you like on the 44 key unit, the korg does it all. The Korg also offers MIDI in out and thru connections to sync with your computer or other midi devices. With so many dedicated knobs for modifying sounds, you don't need to be bothered with the paging through windows on a tiny LCD screen. The endless sounds of the LFO's and EG's along with the virtual patches alongs for any musical style to be created. From sweeping synth sounds that emulate Pink Floyd, or the synth dance sounds of the eighties, to pop, rock, techno. Whatever style of music you enjoy creating, the MS 2000 will work for you.

Honestly there isn't much at all I do not like about this unit. Regularly priced from about $700-$750, the price seems a little steep. At first I didn't like that many of the sounds were monophonic, but then I realized that you can changed whether the notes played are monophonic or polyphonic within the keyboard.

The unit is made with beautiful wood side panels along with a sturdy metal construction of the rest of the body. Even better yet is that the unit is very light, so there is no busting your back carrying around a big 76 or 88 key keyboard that weighs a ton.

Great sounding synth with many combinations of sounds. Past to present the korg covers your style.

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