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Korg MS2000
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ericthegreat 11/27/2011

Korg MS2000 : ericthegreat's user review

« Great analog board »

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The Korg MS 2000 is a analog modeling synthesizer that has about a three octave range. It has a pitch wheel as well as some modulation sliders. It then has knobs to scroll between different presets, and to control different parameters of each. It has 1/4 inch connections, as well as MIDI connections. It has all types of analog synth presets, as well as the ability to make and store your own sounds. It has full polyphony, but can be set to just be monophonic.


The configuration and set up of the Korg MS 2000 is quite easy to follow, and only takes a little bit of use to figure out what everything does. There is a good amount of control available, and presets are convenient and useful. I have never seen the manual for the Korg MS 2000 , but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn't need it too much. However, since there are a decent amount capabilities, it can be useful to have the manual when learning the in depth features.


The sound quality of the Korg MS 2000 is top notch and is great for any type of music that you would like to use analog synth sounds with. I use it mostly for pop and rock, and always find that the sounds work well with what I am trying to do and are overall realistic sounding. The keyboard itself is easy to play and I like the way the pitch wheel is set up. Overall, I'm a big fan of the presets and capabilities that this synth has.


I've been using the Korg MS 2000 for about two years and it is one of my favorite analog modeling digital synths of this size that is on the market. The preset sounds are really great and there is a great amount of control available over your tone. The price is definitely reasonable, as this is a great instrument. The only reason it is so cheap is because of its small size, which I do not mind. Overall, I highly recommend the Korg MS 2000 .