zvolaidge 07/23/2008

Korg R3 : zvolaidge's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
See below or the details Audiofanzine.
The twelve o'clock connectors were recognized without problem by cubase and via my Layla 3G sound card.
The sounds are numerous, very clear and clean. Less than oldschool MICRO KORG.
The better to hear by yourself:


Me that beginners in the synth, it has been. You'll quickly get the enthusiasm to try anything like a new toy. But beware, programming, saving config. everything is in English.
Editing is simple, no need to spend 2 hours on the synth to learn how and what are the oscillators.
The manual ... What can I say, impossible to find in French (when there) until I think to consult the forum on this site (thank you to you).
The store did not playback in french, as available. than English on their site.
For me, I really need the manual because There's some subtleties that I could not understand the English version.
Just in case here is still my link to the manual:
http://files.filefront.com/manuel+korgR3+frpdf/; 11188438; / fileinfo.html ( http://files.filefront.com/manuel+korgR3+frpdf/;11188438;/fileinfo.html )


It is perfect, I made a few instrumentals of hip_hop and as now, the sounds of synth back in fashion, it's a rgale.
I also use it for its bass sounds very effective.
Reaction impeccable.


Used for 1 month.
The +: the clarity of sounds, many sounds and a precise fit with the buttons (style wheel)
The -: nothing except to quibble the size of the screen.

Quality / price ratio, great but little improvement.
The first time I saw him he was silent 650euros, j'hsitais with the Roland SH-201 much cheaper.
And finally here is the same price and then I opt for the one on the vocoder made the difference and the experience of the company as Korg.
I tried the Roland and I have not found the sound as pro as the R3. It's true they are big, warm sound with good bass and others, but the tastes and colors ... you know.