Kazy15 03/04/2012

Korg R3 : Kazy15's user review

«  Good first synth »

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Well-known features, unnecessary to repeat them. We bitterly regret the keyboard and the plastic coating not sexy which gives it a bit like a game playschool (exaggerating a bit eh).


Very easy to use and well thought out. You navigate easily to a sound bank to another, from one setting to another, etc.. I started with this synthesizer here and it's very good to begin with.
The program pc / mac comes with is also very convenient, I am using him more than to program. Its interface is very clear and everything you could need, including the arpeggiator, effects, and the sequencer.
On the arpeggiator, I only regret that we have no more than 8 notes. But it's still usable of course, I do a bit of fuss there ...


The R3 may be a bit of everything. As has been said, it is able to do bass and leads pêchus well. The keypads can also be very nice. I find however less efficient for tablecloths.
This synth is suitable for a lot of types of music, personally I am in the electro / new wave with a touch of industrial.
Some effects are good bills.
The factory sounds frankly do not shine on the other hand, they do not really pack me anyway even if not everything is disposable. And then you can always serve as the basis for another sound.


I use it for 3 years / 3 and a half years.
I had tried before any synthesizer, it was my first, its price / quality ratio had attracted me.
With experience, I would opt instead for a MS2000, classier-sounding but relatively equivalent.
Note that I had a problem after two years: one audio output not working ...