Korg microKORG XL
Korg microKORG XL

microKORG XL, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

twÿce 06/30/2012

Korg microKORG XL : twÿce's user review


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I invite you to visit the official website for complete information.

My "more":
-> The weight, size and the possibility of battery power that make a synth MKXL really go anywhere.
-> The microphone and the vocoder function.
-> The publisher and the bookstore, which is not the best, but still practical.

My "less":
-> No noon thru, not practical for the uses of the hardware like me.
-> Lack a little space in memory (128 preset max) but it has pushed to select patches.


The general configuration is very simple. However editing sounds in depth can be complicated.
There are only 3 knobs so that you are constantly turning gusto. Moreover, given the number of parameters, sometimes you have to be very specific to target the desired value.

To overcome these difficulties, there is the editor PC (and Mac I suppose, but not tested). It is quite well done, with the transmission MKXL is thinking, which can load banks, patches, put them where desired, very quickly.

So for those like me who do not want to go through a PC for editing sound, this synth is not for you. If you like the sound, look instead to the side of Radias to the same sound engine, but much of the volume pot especially multimbralité.


What follows is totally subjective:

Dépote sound, it is very direct. Thereby leads to that contrast, and low aggressive. The tablecloths are not neglected, nor the keyboard.
The effects are pretty simple, but effective enough as the Decimator, or disto (I do not care everywhere).
The arpeggiator is basic but offers a big plus on bass and lead. Allows the shuffle to swing, I appreciate that feature.
The vocoder is powerful, it's one of my favorites. The voice is very intelligible and the sound is effective.

The sounds are not the finesse, but it's a synth that is made for a fairly straightforward style, like rock, electronica and danceable mix of both.


I used it 2 years and then I exchanged against an R3 which has the same sound engine, plus MIDI thru, more accessibility, of infinite knobs, display a knob, the real keys, the forming motion ... In short, much more.

I think with the experience, I would take a direct R3, which for me, given the low price difference, and well above.

It was my first real synth, before that I was using a lot of VST. The MKXL was my first step towards the hardware, now I am in full hardware config. So instead he managed that task :)