Korg microKORG XL
Korg microKORG XL

microKORG XL, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

windigo 06/10/2012

Korg microKORG XL : windigo's user review

«  The ideal complement to a Workstation. »

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Audience: Beginners
This is a mini synthesizer weighted keys.

It is improving the micro Korg equally famous. We move from a 4-band Vocoder 8-band and the real difference is obvious!
8 voice polyphony instead of 4, it also gives the body, and a new mini keyboard debatable, but ballasted.
Moreover, all the connectivity of a hardware synth is present, as simple controllers, pitch and modulation.
At this price it's good.

So >> it is sold for 128 sounds, but if you go on the Korg website, you download the other two banks of "little brothers" (micro and 2000) and we go to 384 bases longer memories can be overcome 500 sounds!


Getting started is simple, you can put your nose in the manual, but it is better to play the "hacker", as we learn better all the synths, research, research. For beginners, there are two knobs factory presets, a good starting point, everything is noted above.
Editing is easy, but limited, it would be a little less.


Yes, after several hours use, we understand very quickly that this synth has great potential and it is versatile.
Yes and it has a nice keyboard but this is the mini keys, watch out for large or fat fingers, otherwise good speed and responsiveness!
The sounds of a synth sounds are research, when we look above, they become realistic from the moment they are useful to us and please us, not trying to imitate another.
The effects are super successful as the arpeggiator, waveforms, envelopes, etc..
I like some presets, but especially those modified! ; =)


Having a Juno Di (also extra) portable but heavy in certain situations, I was looking for a small nomadic lighter in addition to a Workstation and advised by friends in the studio, then tried and listened, I think I found the ideal I carry around the past four months, alternating and remains impeccable, just be careful and have the bag.
I like everything as versatile, small, practical but also big sound, great Vocoder
a slightly vintage look, there are several colors, useful and arpeggiator
an unbeatable price, I tried the equivalent in Akai much more expensive and less
good, then there is no equivalent in the synths, but at this price there is no better, he was able to succeed from the small micro Korg without blushing with improvements evident that the closer to the R3.
The microphone provided for the vocoder is also a pleasant surprise, good design.
The least little mini keyboard is the keys, but you soon get used to.
Try it and listen ..
Yes, unless better in this range, I rachèterais.