Korg microKORG XL
Korg microKORG XL

microKORG XL, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

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moosers 03/14/2011

Korg microKORG XL : moosers's user review


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The Korg MicroKorg XL is a mini version of the ever popular Korg MicroSynth. I prefer this one to the original as it's easier to use in my opinion. It consists of many of the same features, including a built in microphone for vocoding, but it has a much simpler interface. It's got a 37 note keyboard to go along with two oscillators for sound and both pitch and modulation wheels. For inputs it's got both XLR and 1/4" connections and for outputs it has a 1/4" output and a stereo 1/4" output for headphones. It also has a MIDI input and output runs either on 6 AA batteries or a nine volt power supply.


I love how simple and straight forward the make up of the Korg MicroKorg XL synth is. It's the main reason that I prefer using this one to the original MicroSynth as everything is laid out simply and easy to use. Not that the MicroSynth is too hard to operate, I just find it's interface to be a bit convoluted, especially when compared to this one. The keys themselves also feel easier to play in my opinion. I haven't checked out the manual for the MicroKorg XL, nor do I anticipate needing to anytime soon.


The sounds you can get with the Korg MicroKorg XL range pretty far and wide in terms of synthesizer sounds. Between the two separate oscillators, the filters, the arpeggiator, and the vocoder, it's possible to get a healthy array of different sounds here for all different purposes. I love using the arpeggiator and the vocoder as they're incredibly cool, but the main synth sounds are also nothing to scoff at as they sound quite good as well. Don't forget that you can also use this as a general MIDI controller for your virtual instruments as well...


The Korg MicroKorg XL is the perfect little synthesizer for all sorts of purposes. Those interested should definitely need to check out both this and the original MicroSynth as they are both very viable options. Personally I prefer the MicroKorg XL to the MicroSynth as even though the MicroSynth is a little more versatile, I can do everything I need with the MicroKorg XL and it's a lot easier for me to get to where I want to in a shorter amount of time. They're both great, so check 'em both out if you're after a mini synth.