Korg microKORG XL
Korg microKORG XL

microKORG XL, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

Seed Barrette 04/03/2012

Korg microKORG XL : Seed Barrette's user review

«  A big monster in a box toutit »

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For technical, everything has already been said by others ...
The origins of sounds are already really not bad, you have to tour the four banks supplied with the machine and there are sounds that are enormous. well the big fat bass, leads which tear, good keyboards, is a pseudo-b3 which is not bad. Attention is not a sampler with the beast so clearly did not intend to imitate sounds and look like the true. this is a synth to make true its chemical and does very very well. to traffic sounds when you're a novice it's pretty well thought out, Korg has presets for each of the parameters that make the most progress in its quick access: two wheels and it is played, there could well turn all round buttons that make the songs and if not for the more advanced settings, better go through the Korg software which is not very clear, especially for those who have never had a synth and are afraid to put fingers dirty. I will say to those of what they have to have fun with presets for other bin is still way more ENTERTAINMENT.


the manual, jy threw glances that have served m that am nothing to confuse the brain then j have dropped and I'm going poke the innards of the beast alone and I get results that I find enormous. I explained that it was my first hardware synthesizer, I grateux at the base and percussionist, the only other synths are tested before the software installed on cubase as the minimoog.


when the little mini keyboard ca seem a bit hassle but you get quite a bit and ca has an advantage: they afford little crazy super broad agreement, that we could not do on a normal keyboard.
personal at first I commanded with my master keyboard but I realized that the velocity curves are not the same on both keyboards (my master keyboard is a big daubasse) j could not have a member that when his I played on the day of the coup directly minik have dropped the master keyboard and I play directly on the mk and it's really better.


I used the past year and a half, I had not tried many other keyboards before but I was very knowledgeable and in this price range this one stood out much of the concurrency.
what I love most: the BIG SOUND! and its small size, lightweight, easy to carry around, plus you can play on batteries, on the train, on the beach, good day have not tried it but I know if I want I can, although I never did take him a the beach ....
the less I know, the plastic can be 'cause the AC did not look super strong, but I'm careful and it never leaves my studio so it should last for years .... qqes
value for money: bah, a real synth at this price, I did not believe in the buying, and I keep coming back not ......
I would do this choice a bunch of times, eyes closed, there is this little monster