Novation Supernova II
Novation Supernova II

Supernova II, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the Nova series.

nikko666 02/21/2008

Novation Supernova II : nikko666's user review


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I have already given an opinion on the NOVA II, here therefore SUPERNOVA II.
Apart from the characteristics that mark when we receive this machine is its look absolutely fabulous. A dashboard full of gigantic buttons. There are a lot more control than for example NOVA .. Then it was his weight. It weighs twice as much NOVA. Its thick, much thicker than the NOVA. This ensures short synth.
It has 8 parts multitimbral thousands of memories, one of the most comprehensive arpeggiator, an effects section of impressive quality (reverbs are the best qeu NOVA), a lot of chorus / flanger ... Filters with saturation and resonance adjustable, allowing the subtleties in the sounds that only the C virus can do, a vocoder, which deserves its name (not just a toy that destroys the voice), CSOs with lots of possibilities notament a kind of supersaw that was copied by Clavia's latest IT (which is totally buggy that said).
CSOs are unique, instead of proposing tens or even hundreds of waveforms, we end up with ... 2 waveforms! But the fact is that to deform more possibilities. With OS 2 was also hypersaw saw mixed for 6 layers to Roland. FM modulations can make sounds of bells or electric piano. Cepandant these limits create the sound of very special SUPERNOVA. No sounds of choirs as a JD-800 for example, piano or realistic.
One detail that counts, while Clavia keyboards and Access have pretty average (that is a matter of taste , The Supernova II keyboard is simply the best keypad I was in the hands. Semi-heavy, with aftertouch the class. The black keys are slightly anti slip 'which allows to hang a little better during a solo .. This is the famous manufacturer of master keyboards, Fatar has provided the time Novation!
In short still the Supernova II keyboard is a madness among the very best.


I find it very good ergonomics. Nothing to do with the rack, or you need to use multiple buttons to use and with whom you get lost quickly.
In addition, the basic sounds are delivered very good quality, there is something for everyone.
The manual in English is relatively good, not as much as those of Roland, but hey, I have not had to open it


This synth can do anything for synthesis. He manages to reproduce the sounds of analog, it happens to a good distortion ... overall it's a synth with a very round and warm sound, the opposite of Waldorf, for example.
We find that heat in the Evolver his master David Smith. The creator of the series Nova / Supernova is gone and it's a bit the soul of Novation is a party with him. The sound of the Supernova, and the possibilities go beyond all that to come out from Novation.
The term keyboard is exemplary. Many use sound velocity associated with the filter or even the effects (soft sound that becomes saturated by pressing harder).
Personally I prefer the sound of that too overload Supernova series of Virus, or too simple Leads North ...
His only problem is a big limitation in the possibilities of the oscillators. It is frustrating to have so few waveforms and despite the possibilities of distortion and other sync, it was always a bit the same sound, warm and bo but still much smaller than a virus or a real vintage .


A great machine. Whose side tends to rise because of the quality of the keyboard and the scarcity. We see from the Supernova II keyboard to more than 2000 EUR ... so if you have a Bichon on, with the advent of synthesizers made in China, with components of a second zone, the keyboards sound good and well made to withstand time. Look at the price of a DX-1 from the DX-7, a Minimoog compared to a Moog Rogue, the premium goes up. Nova small desktop will be worth nothing soon as the Supernova II keyboard always worth the quality synthesizer and controller keyboard.
It only lacks the wood ... as in the heyday of Sequential Circuits