Novation Supernova II
Novation Supernova II

Supernova II, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the Nova series.

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Fanch 10/01/2002

Novation Supernova II : Fanch's user review


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The main CHARACTERISTICS this dsormais are essentially classical, the CONTRL time rel pramtres of virtually all available in the machine and the concept of vintage analogue with 3 Ocilla, synthse subtractive + FM. I will not go into the dtails Synthse of AES, but I would say that résumé is really powerful! Simply put this is the processing chain: 3 Ocilla (Carr triangle, Sine) + of paramtres to change these basic shapes (master oscillator and slave), a large modulation matrix, two ring modulators, filters large rsons 12, 18 and 24 db (with numerous cross), the LFO, ADSR 3 (1 and 2 Assignable VCA) and the effects, pltoriques ... Almost all that is cyclical and the Time syncronisabe code!

When this synth is multi, one can compare 8 synths, with a processing chain for each channel. So eight channels indpendantes treatment, including effects and arpgios indpendant by chain!

The polyphony is 24 voices based extencible 36 and 48. A map ADAT / SPDIF also be adding some.

Section effect is good trs: EQ, Pan, distortion, time limit, Corus / flanger / phazer, reverb, and many paramtres to change all that.


If you know a little synthse subtractive, setup is a breeze, trs intuitive. And how not to be trying to fiddle with all these knobs, has returned all alone ... One small snag in the Fast Fashion arpggio The same is somewhat complicated, the top t have to have one more step said ...

The manual when it is clear. I apprci same right that the party tration expliqnant modifictions the waveform by a particular paramtres (hardness, squew ...) or just over complte as also part of Fast Fashion arpgios.

The keyboard is excellent craftsmanship and expression reactions are excellent.
Note that version 2 of the OS is a real treat and no longer a consultant: A new waveform sawtooth, and the memory almost brim: 1024 with 512 sounds including new sounds using waveform sawtooth, (the one she dchire, serious!). New banks arpegios (+ 3 banks of 128) and 512 slots in total. Further performances: 512 with 256 users and 256 plants. More new paramtres everywhere, notament in MIDI, Full trs.


The quality of sound, often indict their cot, is an inspiration ... inpuisable
The new waveform sawtooth (SD: 2.0) is a real treat.
The coloring is throughout plutt hot, but the rest Faceguard trs also wide with sounds of acid-mtallico Echiré.
Sounds ideal use, how to say ... electronic music ... The sound palette is rich and seems unlimited. Any time it is clear that these are just purely electronic sounds. There's no piano, sax, bass .... basically no PCM. In any fawn that is not what is asked.


This keyboard is duly!

In the same Trampe as Waldorf or Nord Lead, but I think all the same a little more complete ...

A real pleasure, in blue.