Novation Supernova II
Novation Supernova II

Supernova II, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the Nova series.

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lyo 12/11/2006

Novation Supernova II : lyo's user review


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I can not detail the machine, I begin by synthesis, and I have the super nova 2 since 3 months, but I love trance, and very intuitively, I can understand and learn from it quickly, and the possibilities are amazing, I may even play a lot of trance tracks, the speed at Calle ear .... al d after the catalog of music stars paris: 76 notes, after touch, 8 multitimbral polyphony 64, rom 512 sounds Programmes: 1024 + dont128 performance128 users, midi in out thru host, card + SPDIF and ADAT option, 43 knobs, 8 sliders, 2 3ocsilateurs and ring modulator, a total of 144 control buttons, vocoder, arpeggiator and multi synchronisable.ce I know : an echo with full adjustment ditto reverb chorus, distortion and filter effect on output (AC kills!) 2lfo shyncronisables with square, saw, tri sh; 2controlleurs envellope of a fader, hand edit: 16 controllers buttons + 1 rotary 1solo and mute, vocoder, with control of input impedance of gate and control, 24 control buttons for a bank dirrect access, direct control of bass and treble for the purpose, setting deferment of bone multi trigger, noise, ect, ect, c is a gas plant, I cross that I never would do the trick, I love it and the same if I buy another keyboard has !!!!!! I keep it so, three pedals to control optional 3 outputs to the stereo, 2entree in, one headphone, one off (not sure on the keyboard: if! if!) controls direct change of octave keyboard .....


May still have to print documents only in french (notice the + instructions Nova2 supernova2 rack for 30 euros + or less) in the former printer of innovation (c is the same, or of the Gallery to find) there is a Lyon: Director: Mr Alexis 04 37 90 25 22 No. of printing. (I find most name this printer) but the I did it, and the boards I received a week after, the two documents were not always simple there are diference connections between these records and supernova2 + qq details, but it comes well up in the asymmetric synthetic configuration is a bit complex, but is accessible directly on the keyboard: 1 = 1 function button ( 144 in all) a few small flat "cracking" notament when we change the program of reverb or other effects ....


As for sounds, all sounds that I love are in trance, and triturating a thank you, for those who like to make their own sounds, and yet, there's no picture, just self-evident, I l love it, but unfortunately production was discontinued. against by the sounds of water or other than "pure electronic" are not great, but c is not what is asked


The effects are synchronizing for MIDI and serves its electro! J had an arranger before, I've replaced the by it and miraculously, it all became clear: for the tech, c is great and the price is very honest a + d OCCAZ euros or -1000, as it will become collector's and hello's firepower, plus she is gorgeous, a real toy alien, super solid appears, the knobs are of a sublime prescision and a sensitivity ... . + different types of synthetic bass sounds .... fatal sounds of drums also