Novation MiniNova
Novation MiniNova

MiniNova, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the Nova series.

cf357 09/14/2014

Novation MiniNova : cf357's user review

«  The intuitiveness foremost »

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Are the characteristics everywhere, I will say only that:

- I have not yet tested the external editor
- I love the resistance knobs
- I just wonder what the life of the selector on the right is (envelopes, filters ...)

Too bad it is mono-timbral, but hey, I was warned by buying it!


Used for the first time in the store, I immediately appreciated the ability to handle more effectively in minutes. The interface is very intuitive and enjoyable. It easily and quickly Vocoder uses the arpeggiator, LFO, etc.

I did not have the manual, but I got it back on the internet and it is a very pleasant surprise: in addition to the good description of this feature, it presents a good account of subtractive synthesis, always appreciated!

Digging through the menus is pretty good too but it's a little less pleasant than manipulate buttons!

Note: I do not feel penalized by bit, unlike the majority, but I do not have a piano.


The diversity is amazing. For both rich bass that sounds thinner and thinner, the Mininova reveals his true versatility! IMHO it is very close to its 100% analog.

The "animate" pads are convenient and come to offer a whole new dimension to your sound.

Novation sounds always fit very well in my mixes, and Mininova is no exception. The filters are very well rendered.


I for one short month used currently. 200th purchased in excellent condition, hard to top level quality / price ratio. I hesitated - a little - with the Microkorg, the second-hand market has guided me to this Mininova and I do not regret. I think keeping this Mininova a while for lots of different uses.