Modulator18 11/21/2014

Yamaha AN1X : Modulator18's user review

«  One of the best VA »

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Analog modeling synthesizer.
5 octave keyboard dynamics ... Particular features are the easy ...
The keyboard is good, against a plastic hull, Yamaha could have done better.
Real-time front panel controls, everything is quickly accessible and understandable.


for use, the manual is very convenient (especially for programming scene).
The manual, which is essential for the discovery of the device at the beginning is pretty much done, except for returns: an explanation is given then glue "if you want to know more about this or that, and look at page .... it's boring.
the handling is quick, everything is accessible by rotary pots left of the keyboard (VCO, VCF, VCA, LFO FM ...). For the rest (effects, game scene ...) a matrix with a selector is present hard right.


It goes to the heart:
great synthesizer with 2 oscillators and noise generator can be programmed all kinds of sounds, models emulate analog synth.
Needless to look for acoustic sounds, this is not a ROMpler!

The bass is superb. we get no closer problem sounds a Moog Prodogy!
Pads, strings, percussion of the hovering ... endless possibilities.
Leads, aggressive or air, only your imagination sets the limits.
And fx: pure madness !!!

effects, very good and varied, adds the key to a sound coloration to convenience. Reverb: superb chorus .... everything is good!

A small portion of FM synthesis is based on the board; on the other hand I have not hooked on this (I myself am not retarded either): we like it or not like it.

For the non-programmer, there are banks Sysex on canvas. for fans of Mr jar is a bank with sounds of oxygen, Equinox ... it's super damn good, but it's not my cup of tea. With these banks, there are tons of sound bases just waiting has to be modified to include in your compositions.


I used it for 7 years, I do not see the end so the possibilities are enormous.
I'm not a big fan of Yamaha, I find them quite cold synth (this is my opinion, sorry!), but AN1X a heat that I was not familiar with the Japanese manufacturer.
I sold part because he resented (I had bought for a small OCCAZ with broken plastics, he fell);
I think probably bought one in good condition. but it's not my priority.

This is a great synth, it still hold the road very well meet current standards. A timeless synth!
If you find one, do not hesitate for a second!