Cola verde 05/14/2013

Yamaha AN1X : Cola verde's user review


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Characteristics are known, but I would emphasize the ability of the machine to produce various types of oscillators. As we know that the sound signature of analog comes from both its oscillators that its filter, we understand why the AN1x also offers a varied sound pallette.

The keyboard does not please me at all with a race too short keys. This gives the impression of having a wedge below the key that locks the device ... aftertouch is may be responsible. I would rather be deprived aftertouch but have a race longer key.
And the keys are narrow (less than 2.5 cm on a piano on a beach of 61 keys that's a lot)


yes ... easy to use ...


for some sounds it is very close to a true analog ....


I used all kinds of synths since 1983 .... kawai k1, juno 106, jupiter6, D50, d110, JV80, north LEAD1, SY85, bass station, 6tracks and so on.

Yes, very good choice, I think aquérir a PLG AN board if the opportunity presents itself against but it seems that the sound is a little different and less hot by some to ..... for now I keep my AN1x while most of my synths have been sold .... that is to say ....