Tascam MidiStudio 688
Tascam MidiStudio 688
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sergiosergio01 09/09/2005

Tascam MidiStudio 688 : sergiosergio01's user review


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I have a 688 since 1993, he served me made several models.
The highlights are:
- The built-in MIDI sync (in my case, midi out of 688 around noon in the atari, track 8 which serves as a benchmark and here are the two machines perfectly synchronized! Foot!). SMPTE sync and auto sync with another 688.
- Patch Audio: without disconnecting / reconnecting any wire, you can route any input on any track recorder, ditto for the effects returns.
- 10 + 10 XLR line inputs simultaneously mixable (main mix 10 tracks: gain fader + + + pan eq acute, grave, parametric med + to 1 and 2, dual 10 tracks mix: volume + pan).
- Quality eq.
- 8 recordable tracks simultaneously.
- 8 groups with 8 + bargraph mainmix with two bar graphs.
- Output: 8 direct Recorder + 8 groups (see audio patch) + stereo + 2 + 1 and the dual (mix of additional entries)!
- Monitoring complete and independent of the recorder.
- Punch in, out automated, locators with autoplay.
- 99 scene memory patch program change by answering to the MIDI input.
- The effectiveness dbx Noise Reduction.
- Not the digital galleys.

Weak points are:
- Since the release of the machine, it is input into the digital age (more time rewind, plus audio loss when ping pong) ...
- To recommend the tapes are 60 minutes, yet the band running at double speed (9.5 cm / s), 8 tracks and occupying the entire width of the band (thus the k7 "to" single-sided), we can not exceed 15 minutes of continuous recording.
- Unlike most of today's digital multitrack, no drum machine or built-in effects.

The value for money: has the time of release 26,000 francs!
Now between 250 and 400 that is to say 2 to 3 times less than the 8-track simultaneous recording digital hardware used, thus still attractive in my eyes.

With experience, I do not regret my choice at all of the time. The sound reproduction quality is always even if time has passed. (NB: some taken from an album of Laurent Vouldzy were made at home with his 688!)
My rating reflects the fact that I do not see what you could ask for a machine that has the time of its release.