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orion_43 06/03/2013

Revox A77 : orion_43's user review

«  An "indestructible" very musical instrument and »

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I used my Revox A77 MKII for over 30 years and intensively than before the first signs of fatigue.
Revox at the time of my purchase, it was first the reliability and this reputation was confirmed over the years. Too bad the VU meters do not work in reading. But that does not affect the sound quality.
Before I had a tape from a German brand but that was far from giving me the results of the Revox. It must be said, however, that the price of Revox was significantly higher than the machine it replaced. Anyway, for me, the value for money remained still for the Revox.
At the time I bought my A77 my financial resources were limited, for reasons of economy so I opted for a 4-track 9,5 / 19 cm / s. This desire to save the band was a big mistake. You do not buy a sports car for fuel savings. Today I read my coils 4 tracks with a B77 MKII and I make my new record with two tracks B77 MKII 19/38 cm / s. What say except that when used on a Revox not look elsewhere machine of her dreams.