Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop

Prophet '08 Desktop, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Dave Smith Instruments.

chapolin 11/19/2013

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop : chapolin's user review

«  A very good synth »

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The good point in the characteristics is the knobs. Here is really good. So we're really in the sound.

Another good point with regard to me, if we do not use the filter envelope so we can dedicate it to anything else, which is done by the third envelope, envelopes 2 completely free for all in the matrices modulations (knowing that you can also use the envelope vac).

Another good surprise discovery afterwards, you can use two sounds at the same time. So with one's possibilities are already very high, with two sounds here really becomes super-creative (although from 8 to 4 voices and I have not tried it yet after 2 years of use).


The knobs make everything very smooth and fast, it's easy and is completely immersed in the production of sound (even if there is still some menus matrix sequencer etc.).


The sound is warm and endearing. Very beautiful and now it can be very destroy. This is a real musical instrument and I do not get tired, on the contrary! We can do everything and more time passes, the more I realize new opportunities which it may not be so typical that the first few uses.
The filter is very cool.


I hesitated to buy it but in the end I think I'll never part with it. Irreplaceable! I admit that I would like to compare with prophet12 and why Dave Smith himself said to audiofanzine that 12 is the best tool ...