reno project 01/07/2011

Doepfer Dark Energy : reno project's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Monophonic analog synthesizer that delivers a rather low typed / leads. Autonomous, semi-modular architecture enables both internal routing the connection to other machines via the CV input. It includes a MIDI In connector, a USB interface and a wide range of outputs CV 3.5 mm.

- 1 VCO (+ FM & Pulse Width Modulation & PW)
- 1 VCF, 1 envelope (ADSR) 2 LFOs
- CV Out: LFO1, Envelope + 4 CV out
- Resumes In: VCO, VCA, VCF, Audio In, Gate


Easy Setup
In my memory, but there is no manual on the site Doepfer a pdf with the following settings to reproduce the sound you want to have.

Editing sounds is easy once you understand how to market a modular synth. It may take a little time if it was not used to this kind of gear. Pdf helped me a lot.


Is exactly what I was looking for.
One sound, modifiable at will, a powerful filter, buttons not cheap.
In addition it has a really wild look with its wooden sides and buttons everywhere. It's not plastic!
Ok it must not have big fingers, but we made it very well.
The knobs respond well, it's very well built case.


I use it for 1 year

In two weeks, I bought several machines before landing on this one:
An MFB: too cheap, its a bit short, return to sender
A Dave Smith Mopho: powerful but I'm not a fan of the preset. It's too clean to me, a good plug-in does the same thing. Not quite random. Resold in stride.

And there, for less than 400 € you have a mini minimoog.
Good value for money. I would do without this choice problem. I'm having!
If you like the presets and preset sounds, go your way.
It is a single sound, and you have to play around with before finding what one seeks.
It is a true modular, it will not interest everyone ...
I coupled with a filter moog MF 101: pushing the drive of moog, it sends the timber.

Okay now for 400 € + 250 for the filter, I would buy a moog Slim Phatty but was not released at that time. I'm having