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tweak 06/03/2009

JoMoX SunSyn : tweak's user review


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- What type of keyboard (synth, piano ...)? How many octaves?
8 voice polyphony expander or a multi timbralité choice of 8 sounds
- What controllers (pitch, modulation, sustain ...)?
2VCO, 2RCO, 1 EXT, 1 Noise white or pink, 2 LFO, 2ENV, 1VCA full of 2 or 4 pole filters, high pass or low pass with more tracking and morphing envelope.
- What connections (audio, MIDI pedals ...)?
1 entrance to the sound mix and 8 independent outputs
- How many sounds, effects? What styles? Are they edited?
Effects but not all parameters are peurt create things very different. There is a unison and a summary ARPEGIO but has the merit to exist. Plus a modulation matrix and it is a rare and powerful analog, 8-channel, modern, MIDI with memories. I do not know the number of sounds and styles I create my own.
- Via a utility Mac / PC?
not to my knowledge. For the 99 jomox airbase there is one but I've never heard of the Sunsyn.
- What is polyphony? ...
8 as already mentioned. Unison 8 channel's insane! Really can explode the eardrums or speakers, headphones or a slap in the cheerfully console red if there is not gaffe by snapping in unison. This applies to both the treble bass!


- The general configuration is simple? Not necessarily, be a little scratch in a few small (their number is reasonable is not a virus either). Well basically: you turn the knobs and leave AC sounds nice but for the matrix and some advanced features you must look a little bit.
- Editing of sounds and effects is easy?
It edits and saves it easily. It takes 10 seconds to save.
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
I did not open and it's certainly a lot wrong but I already have all the sounds I want.


- The sounds they are suitable to your style of music?
Once sequenced, it is perfect for my music. The webs are large and beautiful. The bass is huge and perfectly defined. It's down very low and remaining perfectly mastered this! The acute rise too high by staying present and music. Really it's a synth that has a big presence and that requires a mix. It takes up space and noted that but for the happiness of our ears.
- Are they realistic?
Not realistic for a penny but it is not the goal.
- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate ...?
Bass, Lead, treble, percussion, table cloths, lots of sounds in unison, FX surprising. A little of everything in fact but I do not use all the time because other synth may be more appropriate to go to the essentials.
From a sound point of view: one day I was hooked on the sound of the demo of a member Audiofanzine on Youtube and I bought it.
It is the only synth that I tore a small tear in his eye during an experimental session, so one of the sounds that I found moved me.
ITS SUPER, SUPER PRESENCE, very good definition and perfect mastery of dynamic range.


- For how long have you been using it?
1 year and a half
- What thing do you like most/least about it?
Most: the sound
Minimum: the 2300 it cost me €
- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
A V-synth, a tone, a Virus A, DX200, an X station, a Sherman v1 and v2, a electribe and from a north rack, a juno 106, a jx3p a Monomachine. For perceived drum machine, and a mk2 DRM1 Airbase 99.
- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Very expensive but its worth it. Sometimes I tell myself "You could have had a Pulse, a Moog RME, an SH101 and a Prophet 600 for this award," Yes but Sunsyn has the sound that makes me feel 100%. It's a synth for people not reasonable. So yes I would have been reasonable and I can still resell it to finish my home studio, but I will lose big in terms of emotions in my sound.
I hesitated with the Oberheim expander and a Prophet 5 in another area. I wanted to make a big pleasure. It's the least thought my purchase: I flashed and I bought it. (After months of saving all the same)