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item 12/12/2009

M.F.B. KRAFTZWERG : item's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Concentrate the necessary basic was modular synthesis with + as the double intercontrolable lfo, 3 osc, the extra entries on the filter and vac, converter midi / cv mfb ... Construction, big nag refrain, otherwise use normal any worries.


I do not know how other manufacturer to get us out of the 80-page manual, but in mfb it's a a4 duplex and all is !! at the same time it's a knob therefore a function ...
My first modular in true I mean I 'd already liked the oberheim matrix6 the elevata (rip) and a survoller MS10, so I was not totally new at this, it was necessary to assimilate more cv / gate.

I will say this is a bit technical, but thanks pre routing can be sounds without cabler and that makes it easy to understand the basic logic.


So then it's of analog, no aliasing, no unpleasant artefact that dice off the beaten track, it sounds fat, sharp, shrill, space but always with the "presence".
With the possible routings can be rotated loops with a sound that evolu constantly ....
Otherwise you can make detuned pads, acid bassline, the bleep in all directions, sky is the limit !!

The sounds they are suitable to your style of music? The euuuh it's my style of music that is suitable.


Perfect for entry into the modular world without breaking the bank, I had almost 1 year since the I have a rack 9 U, and although I keep a KRAFTZWERG !! j 'now have version eurorack in my system: yes éh is every reason in the basic pay 3 times more for the same thing back .... oh yeah .... if for blue diodes;-)