Arturia MiniBrute
Arturia MiniBrute

MiniBrute, Analog Synth from Arturia in the MiniBrute series.

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mrjason 10/31/2012

Arturia MiniBrute : mrjason's user review

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The MiniBrute is a 25 key analog synthesizer that has a 3 waveform oscillator and a noise generator. The keys are pretty good for it to just be a 25 key synth. They have nice expressiveness and after touch. The MiniBrute does have pitch and modulation wheels plus two oscillator types, Ultrasaw and Metalizer. The Vibrato LFO does have 3 modes, sine, trill down and trill up. The MiniBrute is made for the portable musician. It is well built and has a solid structure, you could probably run a car over it and it would still be intact.


Setting it up is simple, but understand it will take some effort. There are a lot of knobs and sliders on it. you will need to read through the manual to understand what these knobs and sliders do. Most of them are labeled but if you don’t have a general knowledge of working with a full analog synth then it could give you a headache trying to figure it out. Take the time to read through the manual and do some research on working with a analog synth before you purchase the MiniBrute.


The MiniBrute is very affordable and portable. If you are looking for a analog synth to get your feet wet with than the MiniBrute is perfect for you. It has 2 audio outputs and a built in arpeggiator. The thing is, there are no presets on this synth as with most full analog synths.


So every single sound that it makes you will have to create. That could push some of the beginners away , but if you are a seasoned producer and understand working with analog synths this is a must have for your collection. The distortion on the MiniBrute is pretty good, it is called the Brute Factor. You will not be unhappy if you purchase this, it will remain a part of your gear for a long time.