Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08 Pot Edition
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08 Pot Edition

Prophet ’08 Pot Edition, Analog Synth from Dave Smith Instruments.

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distonoize 01/29/2012

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08 Pot Edition : distonoize's user review

«  ''Beautiful'' »

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5 octave keyboard with semi-weighted aftertouch
8 votes, other features see site builder


with some reference configuration is quite easy
edition of the sounds is very simple. In addition there are a publisher very well done and very affordable
there is no effect, gross gross listening to numerous demo, you can imagine if you add qq pedals ....
The possibilities are enormous, the sounds are also draws


sounds feasible may cover them many styles, like any good synth


I've had two months, I had a lot of other models in the hands of alesis andromeda the notament, which I quickly saw the separate numbers in other beug ...
I like his Loock, is not to say it is beautiful.
the sounds are just terrible. I was looking for an affordable analog, given the market OCCAZ, and I am filled
this choice I would do without hesitation