Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08 Pot Edition
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08 Pot Edition

Prophet ’08 Pot Edition, Analog Synth from Dave Smith Instruments.

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sonic75 12/22/2011

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08 Pot Edition : sonic75's user review

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Poly 8, just enough for analog! The keyboard is quite nice, good touch. No built-in effects and all the better, there is an increased awareness of the grain of this machine. In it sticky later on some good chorus sounds (such as groundwater) is simply fabulous.


No need for manual, as mentioned, this synth is very intuitive. Good ergonomics.


It is good in all the styles that Prophet 08. But that's my opinion on the categories of sounds:

Bass: + +
Pads: +
Leads: + + +
Tablecloths: + + +
Effects: + +
Sequences: + +


It complements my Nordlead 2X, Arturia Origin, MKS-50 and Motif XS6. The Prophet 08 adds its grain and personality to my set-up. TOP build quality.
Price / quality ratio pretty good, a bit expensive but the quality is there and all levels.