Korg Poly-800
Korg Poly-800

Poly-800, Analog Synth from Korg.

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Raimus 09/06/2012

Korg Poly-800 : Raimus's user review


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a small cheap keyboard 80, as there can!!
all is said in other reviews


The editing is not easy, but with a bit of repetition is remembered easily manipes the most common. Once the operating range it becomes quite simple but still long if you want to be precise.
The problem with this system is that the issue can not act on the fluid. for example there are 99 possible values ​​for the cutoff, and when we act we live above means notches value and not a fluid motion. I do not know if I'm clear, a brief rise cutoff can sometimes be ugly because of it.


80 to be cheap
opportunity to make pretty cheesy organ, but looked too low it will be the crazy complicated ...
Chorus and pretty without it all be a little bland in this keyboard


what I like most is the side 80, the least that is the issue ...
I love joystick also very fun