Korg MS-20 Mini
Korg MS-20 Mini

MS-20 Mini, Analog Synth from Korg in the MS series.

mrjason 03/05/2013

Korg MS-20 Mini : mrjason's user review

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The Mini (MS-20) has 37 keys and is an analog synth that comes with a smaller patch bay system on it. IT does support MIDI and USB connections. If you have ever used an original synth or the original ms 20 you will know how much fun they are to work with and they actually have helped me understand sound creation better than what working with a VST did.


Working with the MS-20 is not easy by any means and it will take some general knowledge of working with analog synths and patching sounds but it is much rewarding once you figure it out. The Mini is very small and portable as well. It does not take up much room on my desk and it is built very well. I have just received my MS-20 Mini and I love everything about it. There is also an external signal processor that can work with my other instrumentals that I want to use it with.


The ms-20 Mini is very similar to the original MS-20, I think it is exactly the same from what I remember of the original this one this just a lot smaller. I am able to plug my other gear directly into this ms-20 Midi and start tweaking the sound. That is one feature that really made me want to purchase this synth from the start. You can even add a full sized keyboard 88 keys, if you need them or want to perform with it and have the full range of sound.


The MS-20 Mini fits perfectly into my home studio and I am very happy I purchased it. The price was not that bad at all either considering what it cost to purchase some analog synths these days. With no presets, no memory and no sequencing I can see why some would not want to bother with a synth like this. But it is well worth it, and it is very rewarding building your own sounds!