Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II

Little Phatty Stage II, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

lindatar 01/19/2011

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II : lindatar's user review

«  it sounds terrible »

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See other reviews say it all.
May be noted that the keyboard format is standart and not mini button is a real plus compared to these "race condition"


current use is very simple condition to master the technical English , as the doc does not exist in french.
I made this topic a translation interrese PDF format can be sure of you, available soon (few details).
The knobs are precise and highly efficient. The sounds are easy to edit and parameter assignments are easily made.


I use it to lead the modulated film music and progressive rock. And I also use it for low mood Electro rock (see Ozric Tentacles) the dream of every lover wakemen Emmerson and without the hassle of maintenace and backup settings.
Obviously, it is necessary to add a multi-effect for reverb and delay.
To turn it into electronica, I fréfère sequencer rather than integrated arpeggiator but that's a question of evolutionary potential in a long piece (prog rock requires)


After 6 months of use, I would do without hesitation that choice. this is my first analog synth from the 1980s and it sounds even when the fire god. Nothing to do with the tests I do at Roland HS alesis micron and other digital sounds hopelessly hollow. I even sold a north lead because of its too cold already seen.

Its only flaw is that it must be hot to be fair and sound (440 Hz). Indeed the oscillators and filters in Desousa happily derailed a certain temperature, so always let it warm up, and especially if the place of use is slightly heated.

In summary, the sound quality, ease of use and editing, I love. The lack of volume pot is not to be a little less but for the purpose I am doing is harmless