GB_Paris 05/22/2012

Novation BassStation : GB_Paris's user review

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Monophonic keyboard 2 octave velocity sensitive. Knurling pitch bend and modulation (filter or assignable pitch / tremolo). Volume. Portamento. Octave transposition.
2 oscillators with 2 waveforms (sawtooth, rectangle).
Osc1/osc2 mix. Detune, semitone, octave osc2.
Modulation Oscillator envelope, LFO and PWM.
Switchable resonant filter 12db/24db modulated by lfo and envelope.
1 ADSR envelope amplitude ADSR envelope filter 1.
1 3 LFO waveforms with time.
7 memory presets.


It was my first analog. And everything is simple, accessible directly via potentiometer or switch.


100% electronic sounds. I love it.
We have a wide range, low course, leads, and even the Pad / strings if we bypass the mono by cutting the agreement note for note, track by track.
No sync, no white noise, no ring mod. So some sounds can not be produced. But we can already do a lot.
This is not as powerful as a bold and probably Moog (I never had any vintage).
It is perfect for what I like to do as his. I think it sounds rather soft, round (without the thickness of a vintage as some say).
A bit of chorus, delay, and it holds the road perfectly!


I use it since its release. 18 years, always perfect (I'm careful).
At the time of its release and at this price, there was not much competition (the 90's being rather the digital age). So not tried other models. Not tried vintage either.
Pros: price / quality ratio, sounds, ergonomics, time on the LFO.
The -: no sync (available on the VST version on the other hand), no white noise.
I would do this willingly choose (possibly rack version, perhaps because I often use it with a keyboard)