Novation BassStation : Anonymous 's user review


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Small keyboard plastok cheapos well for the quality (velocity-sensitive if it has not been abused)
who can be to drive an expander polyphonic (poly of course)

7 sounds + memories for a manual position
the two knobs usual Pitch and mod
an octave selector + up /-down
a portamento
midi in & out
output jack line out
a mini jack to a controller mod style handle and bend like a SH 101
sending sysex / 16 midi channels etc. ..
works with six LR6


The very simple issue to everything, provided you have a fairy fingers or hands of children
LFO: three forms: random / tri / saw
+ Speed ​​and delay

Section MIX: two oscilloscope (half) and two square waveforms and sawtooth height 16/8/4/2 /
detune and a semi tone or Disagree to grant the oscilloscope

mod section applies to a two oscilloscope:
approx 2/man/lfo for PMW SOURCE (watch the speed remains fixed LFO pmw)
env / lfo depth / pulse width.

classics & RESONANCE FREQUENCY filter has 12db/24db
MOD DEPTH + source / either the envelope or lfo

and finally two classic envellope comuter by a small button switch (ENV 1 / 2)
attack / decay / sustain / release / velocity

the triggering fun to play with portamento
the outbreak notes 3-position: autoglide / single / multi


It sounds pretty good for its size, but do not have the ROLAND, KORG and other vintage stuff
I use it more for the sounds of good leads and some synthetic low.


The knobs have tendency of poor quality and badly old yellowing keyboard not to mention the hull of the synthetic all plastic too light and fragile but it would shock even so

I égalememnt the SBS and the rack version BS
if you're curious,
Here are some improvements that are available on the racks versions:

a synchro cv gate in / out very useful
audio input to filter a signal
99 memories
a switch that allows you to set the ENV 1 & 2 at the same time
Sync an oscilloscope for 1 or 2

Here are the differences between version keyboard and rack version