Roland JUNO-106
Roland JUNO-106

JUNO-106, Analog Synth from Roland in the Juno series.

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Jeanbon 07/17/2003

Roland JUNO-106 : Jeanbon's user review


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Poly 6 voice analog (some would say semi)
An oscillator (DCO), an envelope
+ Sub oscillator
assignable mod wheel: filter, pitch LFO +
chorus (2positions), for me it makes him sound and reputation of these synths
PM: IN OUT THROUGH, 128 memory, attention keyboard not dynamic!

Note the switch in + which allows to play the envelope upside down, ca provides an effect that I like
the only thing I missed is the arpeggiator (present on the 6 and 60)


One thing is clear: it is super easy to use, in large part to the unique casing and osc
This makes it convenient and attractive: I turn it all the time, was making sounds in no time oeuil, save in the box, played on the sequencer ..
the keyboard is wide (5 octaves) and pleasant
it gives me a reference on ergonomics


I used almost exclusively for its ground .. they are super type but that's why I love that sound. I played in the medium, they create a unique space environment
in the treble sounds a little too metal for an analog
about low utliisable yeah it, but there's better, I also have a pro one and there's no picture!
the cut off is radical (you must be very precise), the resonance is a winner
well to the sweep
too surprising when it is sequenced in rapid arpeggios (I like the portamento)
in fact it appears rather well in a mix
it seems that it sounds less "hot" that his brothers Juno 6 and 60


I did well, and I miss,
ay think I turned to the juno 60, in which the arpeggio +, and vintage look good with wooden sides ..
but still the 106 is a great machine, "all in one" with its many features, its simplicity makes it very user friendly, and this sound, to some use.
price or it is found ca the blow is altogether