Roland JX-10 SuperJX
Roland JX-10 SuperJX

JX-10 SuperJX, Analog Synth from Roland.

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bilit72 01/11/2005

Roland JX-10 SuperJX : bilit72's user review


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I share the same opinion as those who follow, that is an analog synth no question of having sampled sounds approaching the piano, brass etc. .. ..... on the other hand for analog, we will very loin.Donc as analog synth is great, warm, round, attacking, biting and other natural resources ... to discover ....


Not very easy because I have not the programmer pg800.Mais I take my time and it's always a curiosity to play with because the oscillators and other discoveries are surprenantes.C is the combination of two synthetic JX8P this increasing the creative abilities


It's always a pleasure to create a slick sound and other possibilities are as numerous: what I like most is the very soft ground, hovering but it can be quite the opposite, the lower that can be seen in every way: slap, round, deep bass, percussive bass etc ... there are more sounds grandiose and very rich ... on the vibrato, forget it .. there are all kinds and again, as we have 2 JX8P, everything is enhanced .. maybe we have no drums, but you can invent interesting spin on the chorus .. 2, I can not find the breath that the describes a commentaire.Je do not separate me because for 400 or 500th it is not worth the peine.Le keyboard is very good, a good master keyboard comprehensive and aesthetics.


As analog synth, he and I have so little evidence of comparison, my keypads (EM2000-U220-I had korg x5) can not get out the very complex that I can get . In time the background, creating music ... electronic music (+++) is a valuable supplement (but I'm not a pro .. careful ..)