Roland JUNO-6
Roland JUNO-6

JUNO-6, Analog Synth from Roland in the Juno series.

yoTrakkz 08/05/2011

Roland JUNO-6 : yoTrakkz's user review

« A keyboard for beginners .. »

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The Roland JUNO-6 comes at a very reasonable price, stock with sounds that you will love. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with midi. Midi is almost a must for anyone doing music, unless your just a keyboard player with no interest in connecting to other equipment or via computer.


The keyboard is very basic and extremely easy to understand. You probably wont even need to open up your manual, but just in case you do the manual is just as easy as the board is to understand. Nothing complex at all. This is a good analog keyboard for someone who is just getting started. But after you get more indepth with creating music you will no longer want nor need this board. This is a plug and play board, no need for setup or spending hours reading the manual. Very basic, simple and easy to operate.


I like the specs of the board except for no midi, that is a deal killer for me. I have used this board on and off for about year. But this isn’t something I feel like can take anyone to the next level. Has some great onboard effects and the chorus mode is great, and sounds big. But nothing spectacular here, just the basics.. But if you’re a keyboard player or a pianist. This would be a great keyboard for you to have around the house. Not too big and bulky very easy to use.


The Roland JUNO-6 has some beautiful brass and strings, along with some very solid bass sounds in it as well. This board may not be as appealing as a lot of other keyboards on today’s market but that doesn’t mean that its of good quality. You can edit your sounds right on board with all the knobs sliders and buttons.