Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Pro-One, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

cagouille 10/16/2009

Sequential Circuits Pro-One : cagouille's user review

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Everything t said ...




Okay so I'll be the clear: although a tilt less than the mini, it is equally formidable bass and leads. But this is not the same sound for that: the mini is round and copper pro onesonne "fat" and drooling, adgouline across ... There's that R cost "do not go" to be convinced or first kim wilde ... We can also make sounds impossible to do with the mini because its modulation possibilities are tendues.Niveau possibility, it is close to the doncplus gnial odyssey (but did not see the issue).


His only weakness is its construction cheap and horrible keyboard (it's not a prophet 600!). Everything else is at the top. Unless 1000 is THE single secondhand vintage possder. Why does Dave Smith remade it not real pro one? His Mopho is far from being a pro one (like his prophet 08 is far from being a "5 ")... Looking back I do it again this choice without hsiter especially since it works well with a trs kenton pro solo. For fun, put it any analog formulation ct (same virus C) and compare poilade ... guaranteed!