Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Pro-One, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

bayaxel 07/23/2009

Sequential Circuits Pro-One : bayaxel's user review


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Analog Synth 80s, with 2 oscillators, filters, modulation, little arpeggiator and a sequencer top
mono sound and no MIDI except using a box that will transmit the analog signal as the midi box Kenton Pro-Solo


Super easy to use, it immediately made the typical pro-one, arpege simple up or up / down, simple sequencer, EXCELLENT, the manual in English for English pro readable and clear


Sounds beautiful typical 80, a synth bass in EXCELLENT very thick with a large grain
we are in the 80's New Wave undergrond
I am delighted


Superb machine, I had Taisco F60 and F110, use Moog, and the price is a good extra vieu synth with its typical sound that I love
it's a beautiful toy