Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Pro-One, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

admermoz 12/28/2007

Sequential Circuits Pro-One : admermoz's user review


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Monophonic analog synth (but gnrateur 2 oscillators + white noise) from the Prophet 5.


I have a Pro-one since it came out in 1981. I had put ct as and when I bought other instruments (and Polysix DX7, M1, FS1R and some synths) and I even failed to sell r recently ... and I could not rsoudre me: I reconnected I bought a box Kenton Pro-Solo (starting 200 euros, not more expensive than doing it in midifier Dierstein rue de Rome, o the era did) to connect my Systm noon, and it go again. Advantage to do so by your drive squenceur prfr twelve o'clock: you have both hands free to activate switches and pots, so to evolve the sound you want. We find pleasure in "impossible to do twice the same decision."

In fact, some of this dclic "typez back to this machine" when I got to try all the Korg M3. First test of M3: incredible, fabulous, what power, etc.. And the second test, boom, everything is power prprogrammer, when you want it then call back the base sounds and arrangements. After all, when you Listen to Pink Floyd, U2 or Police, there are rarely more than four instruments playing at the same time ...


You can not just ask him either, but once you have recorded your audio connection via the gate / CV - noon, you can overlay one second squence, one is still the troisime ... find the pleasure of polyphony, points and points against home-made and not prfabriqus.


Why sell? If you have it, it's gnral you also have other synths, and with 600 900 euros you will learn, you will not go far at your local pr fr.