Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Pro-One, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.


Sequential Circuits Pro-One : Anonymous 's user review


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I think everyone knows ...


Subtractive synthesis


Ben that's an interesting part ... I started in music and composition there is only one year (so I am far from a virtuoso of the keyboard), and there I came across the one pro in my discovery of the analog.
And actually when you have this at home, it was (in part) from where the sounds j'écoutent in this famous psychedelic trance. The bass sounds and leads are huge! Filters are extremely efficient, it really gives IWHM hell!


Ben here! I think I got a Christmas gift that I'll pass on my will ...
I bought € 850, I know it will seem expensive to some, but it is like new, it is a second hand (held by lovers of analog before), and it was very clean Midif .. .
Qd I lit for the first time I wondered if I replay the old Yazoo ... and yeah ben! and that makes it to death!
and after twenty minutes I was like mad tweaking knobs all over the place!
Really a little champion, or a little monster ... it is capable of kouiner as to scold, and all that in a very powerful sound.
When I know the play I would regret even more the € 850.