Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

Prophet-5, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

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Studiodragon 03/19/2011

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 : Studiodragon's user review

«  Sounds magical and bewitched »

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The first polyphonic analog synthesizer fully programmable.
At its premiere at the 1978 Winter NAMM, the Prophet V was the undisputed superstar is a sensation.
The synthesizer prefigures all modern keyboards.

With Polyphony 5 votes with SSM 2030 in the first modeled and then Curtis CEM3340
2 oscillators per channel with sawtooth, square, triangle oscillator according to the A or B + a dedicated LFO 1
Filter: a low pass 24 dB / octave resonant (SSM 2040 and Curtis CEM3320)
ADSR amplitude with 2 (SSM and Curtis CEM3310 2050/2020)
CPU: Zilog Z80 8-bit as on Memorymoog
Multitimbral: 1
LFO: Assignable + Poly Mod
Memories: 40 (120 on the latest versions)
Controls: Pitch Bend and Modulation Interface K7
Factory price at the time between $ 4000/5000
Dates of manufacture 1978-1984
7200 copies made


A good control surface with a configuration accesible.
With editing and sound effects takes a lot of fun.
The manual is clear and sufficient.


Sounds wonderful, excellent effects, filters that deformation, bass slap, a high resonance crying, a Unison mode monstrous little ignite.

The stamps of the Prophet provide real chills, goose bumps.
Ultra realistic and alive sounding completely apart.
The sound is very rich and powerful also very sharp and versatile.


I tried many other models, but the Prophet V is truly unique.
This is a Rolls Royce level aesthetics and sounds.
Its really a great, bold, rich with a beautiful surface control, large knobs turned to very heavy.
Its wooden veneer is very nice and pleasant to touch.
And an armored steel hull below.

The best sound probably comes from the Prophet 5 Rev 1, but they are horribly scarce just 182 models, and hopelessly unreliable and also very difficult to repair.

The Rev 2 and a bit more reliable, sounds great, and it can be with MIDI.

I decided for Rev. 3, a better reliability and better repair in the event, with an additional 80 patch memories for later.
And in 30 years of service in its power VCA chips changed and a bushing complete, well in some really talk about reliability.

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