Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

Prophet-5, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

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3114 08/31/2008

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 : 3114's user review


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I am fortunate to own a perfectly Midif v2 (in)
5-way monotimbral
Osc 2, 2 ADSR, white noise, vcf 24 db / oct rsons, poly mod, a unison mode, the glide, 1 LFO, the syncro and 40 memory ...
POLYMODE section allows a lot of things with, as sources, the filter envelope and OSC2 as a destination and the pitch of OSC1, the PWM and filter osc1 ..
Note that the OSC2 driver during a sync setting, and it is possible or not the tracker and to operate in low frequency and have an lfo supplmentaire
The LFO section is very comprehensive, the lfo can control the freq of the two CSOs, the pwm osc 2 and the filter cutoff frquence ..
waveforms proposed by CSOs and storage piles are lfo namely saw, pulse and triangle


the Program is simple and very subtle, qq millimeters of knob may have great on its consquences.
v1/v2 on, push the button "edit" to change a pRSET sauvegardbr /> on average, this synth is not in the lace, it really is "cash"
You Started it a quarter turn and is also very subtle and prcis shuffled curious ... ..
I think part of his legendary musical paradox binds


Okay so l..
low level is not a minimoog, it is less sub
but this synth has its hyper-edged, aggressive, very very Submitted
it attacks directly, the sound is Persian, clawed, he flayed
and he rsulte an incomparable prsence
... This synth in the mix cutter attack
I find the "Q" factor of rsonance enough lev, "serrquot;, and frquence cut from very high, therefore the values ​​of rso leves and filter open db can take 30 10 k Hz! the filter is at once very extreme and sweeps can quickly break the head (and tweeters)
The unison mode is VIOLENT
but it is also capable of synth organ sounds, strings, flutes, bells, the filter is radical and can provide in rgistres soft, deep, ethereal
this instrument is truly stunning, because although very simple, does many things li
and del this, it does so with a great big class


I own a fleet of analog synths consquent, but this one is very special to me ..
it a highly complementary jupiter8 in the sense that this is really the opposite ...
I have the Arturia plug, it sounds a bit deaf and mute a cot (like low mdium falsely inflated), and prsence is not the same in a mix, even if the tone is set ,.... faithfully the interraction between all modules with POLYMODE example is particularly poorly done, without life or relief ... the sound of the app is much less aggressive and alive .... and sounds a bit "plastic ".

the price of a prophet is now very lev 5 but it is a mythical instrument, which will never be manufactured just like a stratocaster to era, those who own them do not sell The odds have virtually no chance of falling, c 'is an investment interresting (still requires the maintaining!) ,..... and more to be an instrument which has little chance of tiring .....