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  • [NAMM] Vue Audiotechnik al-4 line array system

    [NAMM] Vue Audiotechnik al-4 line array system

    01/18/13 in VUE Audiotechnik al-4

    Vue Audiotechnik will introduce at NAMM 2013 the new al-4 subcompact line array system, which includes speakers and a power amp.

  • Alcons Audio QR24

    Alcons Audio QR24

    12/06/12 in Alcons Audio QR24

    Alconsintroduces the QR24 line-source array column, a modular 2-way column loudspeaker.

  • WorxAudio Upgrades X2-P Line Array

    WorxAudio Upgrades X2-P Line Array

    07/23/12 in WorxAudio X2-P

    WorxAudio announces its newly upgraded X2-P Line Array.

  • L-Acoustics ARCS Wide & Focus

    L-Acoustics ARCS Wide & Focus

    06/25/12 in L-Acoustics ARCS Wide

    L-Acoustics introduces its new ARCS Wide and ARCS Focus systems.

  • APG Uniline-D

    APG Uniline-D

    04/13/12 in APG Uniline-D

    APG recently introduced the Uniline-D system.

  • [Musikmesse] RCF HDL 20-A

    [Musikmesse] RCF HDL 20-A

    03/15/12 in RCF HDL 20-A

    RCF will showcase the new Line array HDL 20-A at the Musikmesse 2012.

  • [NAMM] JBL Pro VTX Series

    [NAMM] JBL Pro VTX Series

    01/27/12 in JBL V25

    JBL Professional announced the introduction of the VTX Line Array Series.

  • L-Acoustics ARCS II

    L-Acoustics ARCS II

    09/14/11 in L-Acoustics ARCS II

    L-Acoustics is introducing its new ARCS II constant curvature line source at PLASA, Hall 1 F24 (SSE Audio Group).

  • RCF VSA 850 & 1250

    RCF VSA 850 & 1250

    08/08/11 in RCF VSA 1250

    RCF presents its VSA 850 and VSA 1250 multi-amplified vertical steerable arrays, designed for indoor installations where moderate visual impact is required.

  • dB Technologies DVA T12

    dB Technologies DVA T12

    05/31/11 in dB Technologies DVA T12

    dBTechnologies announces that the first batch of DVA T12 line array modules is now shipping.