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Thread October 1, 2016 editorial: comments

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1 October 1, 2016 editorial: comments

Cutting the Cord

You’ve probably heard that the new iPhone 7 is the first iPhone without an analog headphone jack. Apple has once again decided to drag its users forward technologically — whether they like it or not.

Those of us who use Macs for music production will find this scenario familiar — we've dealt with similarly abrupt changes from Apple in the past.

Yes, the company does have to move forward. But it seems to me it could take a more gradual and user-friendly approach when eliminating still-relevant technologies, rather than just dropping its support and turning the peripheral gear its loyal users bought for the older format into obsolete junk.

Although I didn’t actually get to speak with Apple CEO Tim Cook about all of this, but here’s how I imagine that conversation would go:

Me: Tim, I don’t understand why you got rid of the headphone jack. We all depend on it.

Tim: The future is wireless. Have you seen our beautiful new wireless AirPods? They’re coming soon, by the way.

Me: I have. But they’re little, and there’s no wire holding them together, so I can easily imagine losing them. I like having the option to use Bluetooth headphones, but I don’t like being forced into it.

Tim: Trust us, it’s in your best interest. We’re Apple, we know what’s best for you. In fact, we’re all-knowing. Did you know that?

Me: But Tim, I use my iPhone with pro music apps. Don’t Bluetooth earbuds introduce latency to audio?

Tim: Yeah, well, big deal. Most of our users don’t use those kind of apps, anyway, they use their iPhones for texting, surfing the web, and Pokemon Go — so latency isn’t an issue for them. And if you don’t want latency, you can use the EarPods with Lightning Connector that come with the phone.

Me: But then I can’t charge my phone and listen at the same time.

Tim: You’ll adapt. People always do.

Me: What about everyone who bought expensive wired headphones to use with their iPhones?

Tim: Wired? The future is wireless. Did I say that already? Besides, if you really want to be a Luddite and still use analog headphones, you can buy a third-party adapter that plugs into the Lightning port.

Me: True, but that means I have to spend even more money, and have an adapter hanging off my phone when I want to listen to anything. Or, if I use Bluetooth headphones, I’ll have to worry about keeping another set of batteries charged.

Tim: So what are you going to do, switch to Android? [Laughs]

Me: I admit, that’s still a bridge too far for me.

Tim: And don’t we know it. [Laughs]

Me: But Apple has gotten so arrogant, the thought of switching has crossed my mind.

Tim: Trust me, you won’t do it. We’re the coolest, and we have the best commercials. Oh, and did I mention, the future is wireless?

Me: Argh!

Mr. Levine - you've nailed it once again. I've been having the exact line of thought and revulsion ever increasing. jzp
I am constantly battling with Apple over the changes and how they effect my music/video/performance apps and programs. Perfect example is the iTunes changes over the last several months. The reply I got from Apple was that the portion of users using Apple products for music production and video, to the extent I am, are minimal. He went on to explain that the software updates and compatibility issues are not Apple's responsibility. Apple boasts these products and software for "recording musicians and artists" as being industry standard and state of the art. We pay top dollar for these products and expect them to work as intended when purchased.
Android and Windows isn't quite up to IOS/OS but, both are rapidly making progress and Apple is loosing the drastic advantages that it once held over other systems.
I have been an avid Mac, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Garageband, iMovie user for years and have recently changed to the "Adobe Creative Cloud Apps". I take HTML, Webdesign, classes that use the "Adobe Creative Cloud Apps" and decided to give the music and video apps a try. There is a huge learning curve to the Adobe products but, I am not restricted to PC or Mac as Adobe products use both and can achieve the same results of Apple counterparts.
I've transferred my video projects from Final Cut to Premiere Pro CC and I'm in the process of transferring my Logic Pro files to Audition. I am slowly making my transition from Apple products.
My iPad is about ready to be replaced and I intend to replace it with a Surface Pro. The music apps I use (Songbook, OnSong) are now available for IOS, Android, and Windows and with the Adobe products I no longer have to worry about purchasing hardware to match my software or software to match the hardware.

Heartbroken, I've written about my "breakup" (proposed breakup) from Apple to ANYTHING ELSE that may be entertaining for others to read? http://deberney.com/goodbye-apple
It is like leaving a long time companion/partner. Although the transition is uncertain and painful, it may be less uncertain and painful than staying with Apple products that are no longer outperforming the Windows/Android alternatives.

Deb Erney




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Wow Ms. Erney - again, well said and supported. Top dollar has become more like tribute. I'm in transition too to the Adobe CC paradigm and I resist upgrading my next contract iPhone at full retail. I despise the not owning software, but renting it construct. We are not just cash cows. Unite and let collective will force corporate arrogance to temper.

Capt. Powers
So accurate, this iPhone 6 will be my last. I've already changed from GarageBand to Hindenburg. Apple have become a Roman Empire at the pinnicle of achievement. They have become dictators and believe they are unassailable. It has made too many changes with iPhone 7 and already has serious problems with battery life. For every ten of the new phones it sell it will lose one or two faithfull followers. I'll doubt they will get them back.
Mike -
Would you like to borrow my baseball bat? I've found it to be very persuasive when trying to bring the other party around to see your side of the discussion . . .

Jersey Danny (jes suis un bouffon)

Jersey Danny

Mike, your imaginary argument with Tim Cook is completely bogus. Apple is not forcing you to abandon your beloved 1/8 inch phono plug earphones and accessories. They are shipping an adaptor right in the iPhone box. But they have improved your ability to use Bluetooth earphones if you want to, and they have doubled the volume of the built in speakers of the iPhone 7. That, plus waterproofing, better camera and longer battery life seem compelling to me.

Users have stomped their feet every time Apple has introduced a new technology. USB ports, FireWIre, Thunderbolt, Lightning, Intel Processors, even OS X. And then in the next breath, they complain about lack of innovation.

Meanwhile, Apple provides awesome software tools at an affordable price that starts at free. Garage Band is not a bad tool considering the price tag. And Logic provides so much value for the $200 purchase price, it's really a bargain. SO Deb, Erney, compare that to the $600 a year that Adobe charges to stay on their platform (which is admittedly full of lots of useful software tools as well.) OR Pro Tools, of course, which has become essentially a subscription model.

BTW, are you really running pro audio apps on your iPhone? That's a testament to the excellent IOS ecosystem that Apple has built. But most people would probably use a iPad of Mac for running pro audio apps. In any case, with the longer battery life of the iPhone 7, maybe the charging and listening issue won't be a problem.

But hey, if you want to head over to the Android tent, go ahead. You get what you pay for.

Yes, its fun to hate your high school principal, and other authority figures, but I think if you need to consider if you've created a well thought out argument, or just posted a knee jerk reaction, perhaps designed for click bait. Which, oops, I just swallowed!

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Mike, I am amazed that someone as cool as you is not using Android already!
Apple is done.
Dictators, empires, and civilizations come and go leaving positive and negative consequences in their wakes. The half-life of egocentric leaders is shorter than those who consider the interests of their constituents.