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Thread December 5, 2015 editorial: comments

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1 December 5, 2015 editorial: comments

Online Turn-Offs

I hope you’ll indulge me as I stray a bit off topic today. I want to talk about something we can all relate to — being online. It feels like I'm on the internet, or at least connected, virtually all my waking hours. All day long I stare at my computer, and my iPhone is, for all intents and purposes, attached to my body. I’m sure it’s pretty similar for most of you, too. Although the web offers virtually unlimited information and entertainment, it’s also got its share of annoyances. So here’s a short list of things that bug me.

  • Autoplaying videos: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a web page (usually a sports page to check on a score), then opened another browser window or tab, forgetting to close the first one. Then a few minutes later, out of the blue, I’m interrupted (usually in a jarring way) by a noisy video ad autoplaying from that first page. I guess the sites that use this obnoxious tactic have calculated that the revenue they’re getting for the ad will offset the loss of viewers whom they piss off.
  • Multipage list articles (aka “listicles” — even the word is aggravating) in which you have to click on a link and go to a new page for each item on the list. This type of “click-bait” article is becoming disturbingly common. They suck you in with a teaser headline like “10 Death-Metal Guitarists Who Are Now Playing Childrens’ Music,” or “12 Cities with Toxic Drinking Water” — something you feel compelled to read. But trying to get the information is excruciatingly slow, because you have to keep reloading new pages.
  • Ad-based teasers for those “listicles,” which seem to be at the bottom of the page of otherwise legitimate websites. Even Adblock doesn’t always stop them from appearing.
  • The word “Webinar.” ‘Nuff said.
  • Facebook posters who must tell you every mundane detail of their lives. I mean, I like to hear about people’s accomplishments and milestones, and even their political opinions, but I really don’t need to know that they just returned from the grocery store or that their kid had Rice Krispies for breakfast.
  • Comment-section trolls who use the anonymity of the web to say incredibly unpleasant stuff to other commenters that they’d never have the nerve to say to their faces. Must we be this nasty? Thankfully, I don’t see this in Audiofanzine’s forums, which are very civilized. Thanks to all of you for that!

If you’d like to share your own gripes about the Internet, I’d love to hear them.

The last thing I wanted to mention today is on topic. If you’re into guitar synthesizers, you’ll probably be interested in my review of the Boss SY-300. The unit is a revolutionary product in some ways, but disappointing in others. Check it out.

Oh man I feel your pain. Its to the point I don't even read the news on the web anymore. Ya I'm pretty much done with all that. I log on to Facebook to see what my kids are up too. look at some pics then I'm out. Maybe go to some forums and sites like yours. Check out my favorite musicians, engineers that I'm subscribed to on YouTube (even YouTube is becoming a pain) see what they are up to. Then its back to making music. Screw the interweb! LOL
I swear to you, you are NOT alone! Actually, I have nothing in addition to add to this article; other than the fact that I am 100% in your camp, brother! Normally, I am a bit loquacious when responding to your articles, but Mike, (with this one) you hit the nail square on the head! End of comment...
What I want to know is why ads load so quickly but the information I'm looking for/loading seems to take so long! And moving your cursor around the screen attempting to hit a link to a story always seems to activate/load something you don't want! I'm starting to think that maybe the old print newspaper wasn't so bad....at least you had something left over to wrap your dead fish with..... God I'm getting old....
Amen to that. This is exactly why i don't use social media.it is everything but social.
Friends don't call because they post. They don't step by because everything is said online.

My mobile only recieve the email account i think is important to me ( personal mail). work related emails can be checked at WORK.
That is why we call it work related emails.
My boss doesn't agree to it and even i'm a young girl in a digital ( internet) world i like to make time for my friends and families.

I must admit it is very useful to check a site on your mobile phone most sites a not optimized for it.
Slow, wrong resolution, information left out because THEY think it is not that important.
That is why i try to hit the internet button as less as possible.

Yes i often visit audiofanzine on my mobile phone and it works ok i usually activate the bottomlink of the site.
( activate desktop site)

Banners are a pain in the butt. Splashing / placed over the information you like to read.
The worst banner is facebook.
You like to read something and a black block appears with a facebook login....
Why on earth has facebook to rule everything? Don't get me wrong because there are others like google who like to know everything.

And then there is another one...
Here we have television on demand.
Last week they added a new SERVICE!
You turn on your television and the stuppid thing said new: youtube video and internet.

Well if i wanted that i would have bought a smart tv. All internet related options a forced to the people.because they think we need it.
We don't need it. We can use it.

I think the reality is this.

Before i no longer can mix music and i'm mix my music with a pair of wings on my back.

Mankind is in the dangerous hands of the net. People will no longer talk in private only by apps,internet and by what yet to come.
People will become less human untill there is no longer humanity left and people become a part of the web ( a la the matrix)

So let us stay as far away of the web as possible and communicate by music
Because music is the language of everyone.

- Angelie

And yes you all have permission to use the internet to share your music :-D

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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I totally agree with you Mike.

> On the personal side, I don't use Adblock on my professional sessoin but I have a "personal" session with Adblock. When a site is fine I don't use ADblock, when it starts with automatic video advertising with sound or splash screen: I  copy and paste the URL to the personal with Adblmock

> on the pro side: it's one of our deep values that the advertising on Audiofanzine respects the user by NOT blocking reading the contents, therefore no pop-up, no splash screen, etc.


it's one of our deep values that the advertising on Audiofanzine respects the user by NOT blocking reading the contents, therefore no pop-up, no splash screen, etc.

Excellent point, Psycom. One of the many reasons I like working for Audiofanzine is that we respect our users and we don't bombard them with obnoxious content-obscuring ads.
Mike you nailed it, especially with the first 2 and last 2 points.

I'm living in France now, so I go on ESPN to get caught up with my favorite teams, but I'm so disappointed in them (and myself) every time I log on. They're whole layout is video based now. Why? So when you see something about your favorite team or player, you have no choice but to click, only to find out it's a 10 second video clip with a mandatory 15-30 second commercial starting before each clip, regardless of length of clip.

On top of that, it's always autoplay, and impossible to skip. So even after you watch your useless video of some cool dunk in the NBA, the video player automatically loads another useless irrelevant clip, before which you have no choice but to watch not only another commercial, BUT THE SAME EXACT COMMERCIAL YOU'VE SEEN A BILLION TIMES!!!!! I now hate ESPN, and hope to god someone takes advantage of this opportunity and decides to provide an alternative that would actually give a crap about the end-user. Basically, an Audiofanzine for sports, if you will :lol:

The next thing is the lists where you have to click on another page for each item in the list. I understand why they do it (especially the smaller sites) but I'd rather they gave me the option to see all items in one page, and just show 10x the ads on the sides of the page, but I'm sure that's not as good for their bottom line....

Then we come to facebook posts: on November 13th, we were attacked by terrorists in Paris, in areas where I frequent (soccer stadiums, concerts, local bars, etc). Everyone reached out to me asking if I was ok, this was very sweet. The whole world was up-to-date. Then I noticed in my feed, a friend in grad school, at 6:30pm, said "homework on a friday night yayyyyy I'm just loving what grad school does to my social life its like "ohhhh Cute...you don't need this free time on a friday night". Meanwhile hundreds of people are dying around me, but I guess she didn't turn on the news, just her useless ANTI-"social media" news feed.....:furieux:

And of course, there are the internet trolls who love to be complete A-holes behind the security of their computer and anonymity. Funny how they're way nicer in real life....

Anyway thanks for sharing the same gripes as me. Nice to know I'm not alone!

[*]list item[newline]
Anyway thanks for sharing the same gripes as me. Nice to know I'm not alone!

It seems like everyone who has responded to this thread feels pretty much the same way. Hopefully, enough people will do what you're doing with ESPN, that is, vote with their feet, and maybe (although I doubt it) it will cause some of the offending sites to change their ways. I don't think we'll ever be rid of vapid Facebook posts and nasty internet trolls, however. I'm afraid they're here to stay.:(((