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Thread Lowest latency sound card for a laptop

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1 Lowest latency sound card for a laptop
My setup: Fast laptop running Reason 3.0 (I have not purchased the laptop yet - any suggestions here are welcome as well).

I want to be able to hook up a Midi line with the lowest possible latency. I also would like to hook up an analog line (microphone), with low latency, but the main priority is the midi latency. I have a slight preference towards an external device just because swapping would be handy.

In terms of price I want whatever is cheapest that can give the lowest latency. I don't need any fancy gadgets or software. If a price ceiling had to be set I would say $500, but am hopeful something exists around the $100 range. I have not been happy with my SB Audigy (for one KX drivers don't support it), and am kind of leaning away from SB/Audigy... but if they are the best that is fine.