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Thread Software Clashing?

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1 Software Clashing?
[color=darkred][/color]Hey People,
I'm pretty new to the whole home studio process. I have a new Dell Dimension 4600 with upgraded RAM (1gig). AS far as hardware goes I also have a Korg Electribe M, Korg NS5R (they're both hooked up to mixer), a M-audio Luna condensor mic, Audiophile 24/96 sound card and a Digidesign M-box. As far as software goes all I have is pro tools and FL studio producer edition. I've been using Fl for about a month now but I'm having a problem installing pro tools. Everytime I install it, it loads into my Pc and all but when I try to open up pro tools I get a error message that states "Hardware Not found" and then it shuts off. Also when I tried using my FL studio, it wasn't working properly and my tracks wouldn't load. So I uninstalled my pro tools and everything was fine. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should install the M-Box??! Please Help! :cry:

Might ask DigiDesign about this but I suspect it is seeing both the Audiophile and the M-Box and getting confused?

Try using it with only one of these. Just pull the Audiophile and run the M-Box. or vice versa.

Make sure you have the latest drivers.
Thanks alot. I'll try that over the weekend. I really need to get this project started. I just made my room into a studio! I have soundproofing up and I made a booth. I basically have all the equipment to get started with. :lol: