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Thread Recording guitar/vocal on laptop

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1 Recording guitar/vocal on laptop
I've been trying to find a soundcard that would enable me to record my acoustic guitar and vocals through a mic. I'm looking at the Soundblaster Audigy 2 range. Namely the NX and the ZS. Can anybody tell me whether the NX (USB and therefore most convienient) will give a reasonable recording sound? I hear the ZS does, but I'm not sure how/if this is compatible with laptops.
I would suggest staying away from soundblaster products.
M-audio and Edirol make quality USB soundcards. They may be a little more expensive but you won't regret it.
So what's wrong with the soundblasters? Are they ok as a cheaper alternative? Or are they seriously bad?
How about the M-Audio Sonic Theatre?
Well the thing is that Souindblasters are designed for gaming. You really should look at more recording oriented products.
I'm aware that they're designed for gaming. My point is that I don't have more than £100-£120 to spend and I can't find any 'recording orientated' sound cards below my maximum spending capacity. My question is what is actually wrong with the soundblasters and will the results of recording attempts actually be noticeably worse?
I bought a Soundblaster USB card for about $35, and I am now in need of replacing it, becuase their is this horrible clicking nose when you record with it.
hey man, im using an m-audio transit usb on my laptop. got it for about £70 and am very pleased with it - has digital/optical in/out and very low latency, id recommend it if you want something pretty cheap but good sturdy quality and nice sound. oh, and its tiny.
You will get a good deal on the Edirol UA-3FX. Your best best is to go to ebay and look for either Edirol AI's or M-Audio products. The Edirol UA-3FX is on there for £55 and this is a dedicated audio recording interface. Follow the birdy bellow - i think this is ideal for you considering your price range?

Even if its not, this gives you an idea of the kind of product you will be looking to buy.


Hope this helps?