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Thread Very hard time finding a good input card..

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1 Very hard time finding a good input card..
I have a Behringer 2442FX Pro mixer, my output options on it are
very much limited to 1/4" connectors.. So I am looking for the perfect input card for my windows based PC to handle this mixer.. I have found some good multi-tracking cards, but they all seem to have all SPDIF ins, I have no means of using those to my knowledge(I am fairly new to SPDIF and Optical.. I havent dove into to it greatly yet to learn how to do what... but I assume since I am working with analog goods going into digital, I need a card that handles analog)..

I am versitile other than that, I can handle firewire, USB 2.0, PCI.. etc..

I want to be able to record at least 8-10 tracks, prefer 10(I would like to be able to have 9 drum mics and one guitar/bass mix scratch track)

any help would be greatly appreciated, I did find an Aadvark while writing this that has 10 ins/outs, looks promising for $599..

if anyone can point me in the right direction, I am trying to keep it under $900, but will make budgeting room if the perfect solution requires it.

this one has 10 ins and outs

around $900 i think maybe less, im not poisitive
I did a LOT of research today.

here is the conclusion I came to

for $699 I can get a Hammerfall Digiface with PCI card, this gives me 3 ADAT inputs.

for $199 I can get a Behringer 8 channel Analog to ADAT conversion mixer.

so if I get three of those.
for $1300 I have 24 channels of digital multitracking..
of course, to be honest, I will just buy one converter right away for 8 channels, then when the money is available, tack on another for 16 channels... seems to be a very economical way to do what I need.

what are your thoughts on that?
Look at EMU......their 1820 has six balanced 1/4" ins......might work.
Man, you could get 2 MAudio Delta 1010LT for that price. That's give you 16 inputs........
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There is also the Edirol UA 1000 = 8in and 8outs - i got it from ebay brand new for $600 - about £340 - and it is the best money i have ever spend. Much advised. This is USB based but they have released a firwire interface too which has seen good reviews.