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Thread cubase midi monitoring problem - any ideas?

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1 cubase midi monitoring problem - any ideas?
Hi folks,

I'm having problems with a very basic midi set-up & could do with some help...

I'm running Cubase SL on an Audigy 2 ZS card. I'm using a controller keyboard to trigger & record sounds from the audigy into cubase.

I'm getting a midi signal in & the notes are being recorded (although I'm not sure this part is working 100%). The main problem at the moment though is that I can't hear any sounds from the card unless I'm playing back what I've just recorded...!!

I've tried all sorts of tweaks. I had a yamaha sw1000xg in my old pc & all was fine then, but with this new set-up....nada! Ironically, audio recording seems fine!

any ideas?


Have you chosen a Midi playback device? Like say, sounblaster piano? or assigned an instrument to playback on that?
Assign the midi input an output sorce... most generic souncards have genral midi.

with Cubase, try hitting F11, chosing a VST instrument, then i the track output chose that instrument.