Roland GR-20
Roland GR-20

GR-20, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

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swan_kashmir 04/12/2012

Roland GR-20 : swan_kashmir's user review

«  ideal to start the guitar twelve o'clock »

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A few tweaks will be necessary.
GK3 The sensor is installed perfectly on a Les Paul. Everything is provided: bars both sides to stick the sensor (on strato & Co. only), tools for sensor settings, cables ... the same adapter to attach to Les Paul.

Output jack guitar> sensor GK3> GR20> guitar amp & PA

The signal is carried by the guitar cable with GR20 orders noon. This is the GR20 which separates the signals to send only the scratches on his amplifier via mono jack. The midi sounds out of 2 mono jacks (L + R).
Input jack for stereo (2 mono).
I / O noon.


Manual very clear. Actually we do not need the manual to begin to use immediately. 2 rotary used to select the sample set MIDI and patch in the bank: simplicity itself.
The manual will be useful to sustain the possibilities, glide and the expression pedal. One can easily get all types of config according to the piece to play.
The little mod to do (attack, release, chorus, reverb / echo) on the south are easily adjusted by rotating 4. For more advanced settings (resonnance, +-2oct, ...) is done in menus-simple, ie there are few parameters with few choices to be so SIMPLE.


Not thru noon, damage.
Cable GK5 not very flexible. It comes folded instead of being wound. Be careful not to step on it! It is more fragile than a jack and much rarer. You can have bad contacts because of this cable (or because of the sensor ...)

Otherwise this unit is made for guitarists. It is not complicated to use! And controls to bring up many possibilities of play


In service for 4 years without problems, apart from poor contact on the case on this guitar.
I do not regret my purchase. It was the best offer "all inclusive" sensor + Sound Module + foot control.
Moreover, we can always control sounds more pro from noon.
A well-designed solution with a price drop may be with the arrival of new more efficient models in the same brand.