Roland GR-55S
Roland GR-55S

GR-55S, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

marcanger 03/29/2014

Roland GR-55S : marcanger's user review

«  can do everything but .... »

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Note 8
can do everything synth pad
replace an electric guitar with a dobro or acoustic hop switching patches
SoRIE stereo
output without its direct effect or synth
gk sensor input
midi in out


Note 7

but good to sy look and take your time


Note 7

all is well when the philosophy of device is freelancing


the big advantage that is that we synths modeling guitar amp modeling multi-effect and all this under one pedalboard

can be lack of Possibiltés routing the output to see the vg 99 was sharper the above
lack a normal guitar input (there were about 99 vg) but a good chtite welding in the box and it adds so no problem in case AC can be used,

I said not good that it's the best but for all the possibilities of his bah it's worth
for Baluchard it makes the case you need to go fast in a directory without changing instrument c coolest synth ca relieves the keyboard makes the octopus of both these synths, hop it passes an acoustic guitar intro and voice we finished with a gibsonnien her to play acdc just after sound strat to play a dire strait and if the bassist crowd finger can do it too

short top

note of all 9