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Thread Projectmix/imac HELP!!

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1 Projectmix/imac HELP!!
Put working projectmix and imac in storage 6 years ago and now upon setup protools 8 m powered not communicating with projectmix. I replaced the firewire cable. Went back to projectmix user manual setup instructions to be cirtain and no results. Before giving up completely I'm asking for a solution-thanks
Hi Gabriel. First of all, M-Audio stopped supporting Project Mix some years ago, stopped updating the driver software. A group of dedicated people made their own working drivers on Mac, and they can be found on their Facebook page .... look for: "M-Audio Firewire 410, 1814, Solo, Audiophile, and ProFire users" ... there you will find solutions to using Project Mix with current gear.
Secondly, you will need a lot of PATIENCE!! because finding and then installing the driver ain't easy. Well, it's not technically difficult, but you have to follow the instructions vey carefully and probably try a few times before you get it working. Also the Facebook page design is pretty chaotic ... keep searching and you will find the necessary links.
As you can imagine, there are a LOT of people who have had the same question, and you'll see their solutions on that page.

Good luck, and address your questions to that group. The guy who made the driver appreciates a donation towards his hours of work figuring this stuff out.

best wishes