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Thread Scarlet 3rd gen vs Saffire Pro

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1 Scarlet 3rd gen vs Saffire Pro

Hi to all of you. I'm new on this forum. Just getting back using computers to playing and recording musi after I passed years of doig other stuff.

I'would like to ask you for an advice about theese 2 cards.
What's most important to me is low latency as I want to use amp simulators live and secondly a good high quality sound.

I have an opportunity to pick up a saffire Pro 24 very cheap but what holds me off is the firewire - my main pc is a asus gaming laptop without firewire nor usb-c. This would mean that I would be forced to use my old macbook early 2008. I've played with this interface a bit and latency is great!

I've stumbled upon news about new scarlet line 3rd gen and how good those preamps are. This obviously is more pleasing option to me beacause thanks to usb so I could use my beast laptop with it.
The only thing I'm worried about is latency when connected to usb3.0 . Do any one of you know how it compares to saffire pro

Thanks in advance